Grippers and grippers for lifting and transport – what will we use them for?

When working with delicate, large-size or irregularly shaped materials, all kinds of grippers and grippers are of great help. Thanks to them, we are able to safely and precisely transport various types of items, most of which are also very heavy. Working with them would be arduous, and sometimes even impossible, so it is worth investing in specialized equipment that will greatly facilitate the performance of tasks. What can grips and grippers be used for and where are they useful?

Characteristics of grips and grippers

All grips and grippers are specialized tools that greatly facilitate work with materials that require special care and during unloading and loading. They are extremely durable and resistant to various types of mechanical damage that may arise during work. Their use during processes allows to reduce the amount of human force, as well as to increase the precision in the case of handling materials in close transport, such as, for example, metal sheets, which are intended for further processing.

When choosing the right equipment for you, it is worth paying attention to whether they have all the required safety certificates. We will be sure that they meet the highest safety standards. Investing in this specialized equipment is also a cost to increase the safety of your employees.

What and where can you use grips and grippers?

This type of equipment greatly supports the work with heavy and large materials, as well as with delicate materials, such as, for example, glass. Therefore, they will be used in warehouses and factories, in any place where work requires the use of high physical strength.

There are many models of grippers and grips on the market that are designed to work with various materials. Not everyone will be suitable for a specific material, so you need to pay special attention to the intended use of the device you choose. We can find grippers and handles suitable for carrying glass, sheet metal, but also for car parts, or for transporting and lifting barrels.

How to choose the right equipment?

Choosing the right equipment is very important if we want it to serve us for a long time and make using it comfortable. What to look for when choosing? When deciding to buy grippers, let’s check if their parameters match the devices in our company. The most important factors include:

  • Shape,
  • weight of the load,
  • temperature,
  • speed of movement,
  • duration of work,
  • conditions at the workplace,
  • materials used,
  • dimensions at the point of capture.

If we take into account the above issues when choosing specialized equipment, we can be sure that we will choose the right model.

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Grippers and grippers for lifting and transport – what will we use them for?

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