the tides are black with burden
continuous disarray
epitaphs made of flesh
a harshness here to stay

earths blood has frozen
humanity’s diseased
lava floods of consciousness
infectious liquid creed

these are the remnants
of lost decaying days
collapsed illusions fall
acid god led you astray

behold the remains
as you wallow in disgrace
deceit turned to truer evil
bionic godhead erase

in endless circles falls
the lament of your souls
claws that grips your mortal flesh
black hole that swallows all

the mourning shadows
a mass of misery
altar of tomorrow’s loss
and yesterdays defeat

these are the monoliths
the monuments of hate
pointing up to skies of smoke
acid god burning away

i saw death coming from the sky
with vengeance, and with cold dead eyes
it will swallow this world in one piece
the fate that shouldn’t have been
this is the end, the cursed salvation
this is the end
forgive us